Our history and growth

We are tradition

Cerámica Mayor S.A. is a leading extruded clay manufacturing company with a long tradition in the production of floor tiles and special pieces both in natural and glazed finish. The company was founded last century by Fernando Mayor Boluda and is today managed by the three Mayor brothers.

Since its beginnings, it has maintained intact its values, beliefs and customs transmitting them from one generation to another and applying each and every one of its forms of expression.

Cerámica Mayor

We are experience

We are a family-run company that has the expertise of three generations. From the first, from which we inherited the knowledge of clays and firing,passing through the second entrepreneur generation that changed the concept of a manual company to a factory with cutting-edge technology and machinery, to the last and more recent generation, that intends to make use of the new technologies to maximise our growth.


How did Tempio appear

The line of Tempio products aroused from the merger between the commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability of Mayor, with the need of some architects who proposed us to make exterior coverings with customised solutions.Regarding floor tiles, we have always designed construction needs for terraces and exteriors. We knew how to do it, so we started working on it, and after several years of studying and analysing the best solutions, we created our own ventilated facade systems.

Cerámica Mayor