empresa tempio fábrica

The factory

Manufacturers of extruded ceramic

All Tempio products are manufactured at the factory in the facilities that "Ceramica Mayor" has in Alicante, Spain; the company does not market material manufactured by others.

The factory has state-of-the-art machinery, its own laboratory and a machining centre to create its own moulds. We have all that is necessary to be able to provide the best and fast service to our clients.

We are innovation

In a clear commitment to the future, in the year 2004 it started up a new production line dedicated to ventilated facades.

All the facilities and processes were adapted to manufacture pieces of up to 1.80 m long.

Echoing the market requirements, rigorous works have been carried out in all the processes from the preparation of clays, manufacture, glazing and firing to obtain a high range product capable of fulfilling the requirements of the most demeaning architects.

Our ventilated facades are the result of the dedication on formulating a proposal that would entail a clear solution for these two prerequisites: energy saving and functionality, without relinquishing desig.

Our R&D department constantly researches to offer high range products with the technical and aesthetic features required by architects and builders for their projects.


We are quality

All our pieces are subject to rigorous quality controls throughout the entire production process.

All the due controls, tests and analyses of the product are carried at the laboratory.

Tested among other things are the mechanical resistance and resistance to thermal shocks, the chemical resistance to glazing, the purity of the components and the stability of their shapes.

In all, a comprehensive quality control, from the selection of the clays to the final packing to ensure the product is in perfect condition.


We are environment-friendly

The preservation and respect for the natural environment are part of the conditions of our industrial process.

Energy saving is undoubtedly one of the values that make our facades an essential elements in current constructions.

Our product is being developed to reduce energy costs and increase the productivity, caring for the environment.

We can not turn our back to the current situation, in which the respect for the environment is part of our daily life. All the processes of our production chain have been developed in order to facilitate the recycling of materials. And of course, we manage the waste material generated with specialised recycling companies.


We are future

Our project for the future is a strong commitment to face the new challenges demanded by the market regarding sustainable architecture.

The new way of projecting and constructing buildings undoubtedly involves achieving a construction that respects the natural environmental and improves the quality of life.

In this context, the versatility of Cerámica Mayor places us at an advantageous starting point, capable of approaching any project with our line of ceramic pieces and systems for ventilated facades.

Our tireless search for new applications and the study of the materials, together with the entrepreneur spirit of our team, make us a highly qualified company to cater for the needs of the bioclimatic architecture of the future.