diseño fachadas ventiladas

The process

Process Design and Installation of ventilated facades

Tempio perform the following process:

First we consult with the architect the project he has in mind for the facade. That is, what idea does he have in mind or on a plan regarding the design, functionality, aesthetics, etc.

From then onwards we work together, studying, first at an internal level, which system adapts best to the architecture of the facade and the requirements of the building, consulting all the technical doubts with the client. Once we have carried out the full diagnosis, we can assess and recommend the most suitable materials and systems and propose the most adequate solution.

It is in this step when the format of the ceramic pieces and the colours are chosen.

If pieces with a special colours and/or design are required for the building, we can make a specific mould or tone.

We then go on to manufacture the project supervised and controlled by the quality department. Checking the tones and cutting with water jet the pieces, the joints or special pieces of the project.

Sending of the project:

The facade is sent in a container or lorry, on numbered pallets, so that when it arrives on site the material can be distributed by areas making it easier to install.

Assembly and installation:

In the case you do not have a team to assemble it, we can help you to hire one.

We are sure that you will be delighted with the result, that's why once the project has terminated we usually ask the person responsible for the project if we can upload the photographs of the finished project. This provides online publicity to the architect and gives visibility to his work, and allows us to show our work.