detalle piezas ceramica fachada ventilada


About Tempio, manufacturers of ventilated facades

We are a leading company in the production of design ceramic material for outdoor building solutions, such as the manufacture of ventilated facades and their rehabilitation. We provide a varied portfolio of quality products that anticipate and satisfy consumer's requirements and needs, both regarding design, quality and safety. We are a place where people enjoy working, they feel inspired and give their best. An efficient, organised and computerised company that respects the environment.

Therefore we invite you to learn more about:

Historia Tempio
Our history
Find out how we came to be who we are
Fábrica Tempio
The factory
All about our way of understanding and developing the manufacturing process
Proceso Tempio
How we work from design to assembly of the facade
Equipo Tempio
The team
Who comprises it
I+D Tempio
R & D
Our research and development task