Colores en fachadas ventiladas

Colours for

Colours for ceramic on facades, a world of options

At Tempio, we are aware of the importance of design and the final aesthetic part of a building. The colour fulfils the function of defining the building's personality, integrating it with the environment and conferring it character and defining it.

We, therefore, offer a wide range of colours and finishes that can be freely combined, to give free rein to our imagination. This is the chart of natural and glazed, mat and gloss tones that we offer. We can also create a personalised colour.

We seek homogeneity on all the surface of each piece and of the entire facade. The quality of our ceramic makes it stay unchangeable to the passing of time and the environmental conditions.

Colour palettes

Natural colours


Are those in which the entire piece is made with the same colour, it does not have a layer of glazing on the surface. It is finished in matt, natural ceramic.

Glazed colours


In this case, the colour is applied on top of the piece before being fired, this glazing can be matt, gloss or with special effects.

Extreme design (InkJet)


By means of digital printing technology, multiple designs are applied to the piece that can evoke stones, wood or other materials, yet with the durability of ceramic.