tipos de piezas en fachadas

ceramic pieces

Exterior wall panels for ventilated facades

We can currently develop the facade project with different types of cladding panels. At Tempio, we are experts in manufacturing high-range extruded ceramic for facades. The way we manufacture such porcelanic sheets offers the possibility of creating ceramic panel designs with volumes and different shapes for architects and builders to turn their projects into reality. Facades, modern, minimal, light, etc.

Our ceramic plates are presented in four different systems designed to satisfy all the requirements:

Likewise, we have sunscreens, designed to provide shade and to be applied on exteriors of galleries and car parks, as well as a decorative element. And also listelos.

One of our differentiating points is the manufacture of personalised pieces, always with high-quality materials and processes.

Constructive details

We work comprehensive projects, where we offer solutions for parts of the facade, from the roof to the accesses, adapting the manufacture of our pieces to any type of protrusion or light and interior ventilation requirements. You will find technical information on construction details here.